Simply rent a home

Find your dream home with a simple yet powerful toolbox for searching and applying for home rentals that match your lifestyle. This is the first step towards a complete personal home rental assistant that will take off the entire renting burden and let you enjoy your new home. Join us in this journey by trying BETA, sharing your experience and get app premium features for free as they are rolled out.
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There is no place like home

We know that the place you feel the most comfortable is called home. For every new property that you rent it is important to us that you feel at home and enjoy your lifestyle. To achieve this, we are building for you a home rental companion app that will assist you in every step of the renting process and provide you a delightful renting experience through automation and process optimization.

Directly contact the landlord

Finding your dream home is just a few taps away. After defining what fits you, an interactive map will allow you to discover home rentals nearby or close to your work, school or any other place of interest. After taking a closer look at a home you like, you can easily share it with your loved ones and contact directly the landlord by phone or email.

Shape your personal home rental assistant

Fizbo BETA is a small but important step towards building your personal assistant that will change how you rent and experience a home rental in line with technology evolution using automation, artificial intelligence and optimizing every step of the renting process. Finding your best match, applying for a home you love, tenancy agreement generation and signing, automatic rent payments, reporting and getting repairs done, are just a handful of services planned to be rolled out to you as they are finished.

Become an active member in shaping your personal home rental companion by trying the BETA app, sharing your experience and be the first to use premium features for free as they are released.

Fast search

Discover home rentals in an area that you love or close to your workplace/university

Convenient filtering

Filter homes by location, property type, number of bedrooms and number of baths

Directly contact the landlord

You can contact the landlord by phone or email directly from the home rental advert

Receive notifications

Get instant notifications about new rentals

Book viewings

Easily book a viewing for a home

Automatic payments

Schedule recurring payments for monthly rent

Quick repairs

Get repairs done by reporting them in the app