You personal letting assistant

From advertising to choosing the appropriate tenants and managing your properties while let, Fizbo will have you covered. We're now building the app and you can accompany us in this journey. Join and get early access to app services as they are rolled out.
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Manage more, manage better

We believe that you are the most appropriate person to let and manage your properties. That's why we are providing you a simple but powerfull toolbox that significantly reduces the effort and time required through automation and process optimization. From advertising to choosing the appropriate tenants and managing your properties while let, Fizbo has all covered.

Increase your profits

By choosing to let the properties by yourself, you can boost your profits by cutting the costs with a margin of 7 - 15%. But, in order to achieve this target, you need a toolbox that enables you to professionally manage every aspect of your lettings. You now have the right tools for the job like advertising, tenant pre-screening, viewings booking, tenancy agreement generation, automatic rental payments, maintenance issues reporting/outsourcing and portfolio performance evaluation.

Sit back and relax, you're all covered

Whether you're in vacation, hanging out with friends, enjoying time with your family or working on something else than property investment, Fizbo helps you stack on track with your lettings without interferring with your day to day activities. You'll get immediately notified about important aspects like new leads, viewings bookings, rental payments and maintenance issues. Act upon whenever appropriate with Fizbo, that is just one tap away from any device you have in hand.

Fast listing

List your property for rent in under 2 minutes

Advertise lettings

Get instantly discovered by your potential tenants on their mobile and desktop devices

Organize viewings

Simply schedule open viewings for your properties and get bookings from potential tenants

Screen tenants

Get bookings for property viewings only from tenants that match a profile

Seal tenancies

Auto-generate the tenancy agreement to be signed

Get paid

Easily setup and track automatic recurring rental payments

Handle repairs

Get repairs notifications that you can outsource or DIY

Evaluate portfolio performance

Get performance reports with your best and worst performing lettings